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Secured Business Email Hosting


Business Email 1



  • Unlimited Email Boxes
    Email Storage 240GB
    Control Panel Plesk
    External Spam Gateway
    Free Comodo SSL Certificate for Mail and Webmail
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Business Email 2



  • 50 Email Boxes
    Email Storage 150GB
    Control Panel Plesk
    Inbound/Outbound Spam Filter

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Business Email 3



  • 15 Email Boxes
    Email Storage 20GB
    Control Panel cPanel
    Inbound/Outbound Spam Filter

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Business Email 4



  • 5 Email Boxes
    Email Storage 5GB
    Control Panel cPanel
    Inbound/Outbound Spam Filter

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At SMB Hosting Solutions, we’re able to provide your India-based business with a professional look and feel by providing secure business email hosting. Your email will be linked to your domain name, so everyone can see how professional your business is. We provide you with the ability to make new accounts, change passwords, set mailbox sizes, configure email clients, access webmail, and even delete unneeded accounts.

Business Email Options

We offer Four Email Plans, so you can customize our services to meet your needs. The first option, Business Email 1, comes with unlimited email boxes, storage of your choice can be set for each mail box and to administration with Plesk control panel. Webmail, mail access through Secure Login and External spam gateway filter to ensure you get only mails that matter. The second, third, fourth Business Email plans comes with fixed number of email boxes and in-built anti-spam filter for both inbound and outbound mails. All the three plans come with access to cPanel control panel for easy administration.

Why Choose SMB Hosting Secure Email?

All of our users have access to webmail, which means you can check your email at any time you would like. There’s no need to download special software or deal with extra steps. All you need is a browser to access and an internet connection. You can easily view, read, and respond to all of your emails from whatever device you choose. There’s no need to worry about security, as our email server is secured with SSL.

In addition to that, our services allow you to route emails into a single account. This gives you the ability to setup forwarders in order to have everything placed in one account to save time. We also offer auto responders that can send out a message for you from whichever email accounts you like. You are also able to import forwarders and emails all at once to save your time and energy.

SMB Secure Business Email Hosting

Those who opt into our email security gateway get additional benefits and the best security possible for business email. Each email account has spam and virus protection of both outbound and inbound mail. Denial of service attack protection is also included, along with cyber fraud defense and real-time spear phishing defense. All emails are encrypted and quarantine and settings are available on a per user basis.


E-mail Accounts

When it comes to email, this tool is your first stop. Create new email accounts, modify passwords, set mailbox sizes, access webmail, configure email clients, and delete accounts.


Save time by routing multiple emails into one account. A customer can setup as many forwarders as they need to cut down on time checking different email accounts.


Access email from any computer at any time. As long as there is an internet connection, and access to a browser, users can easily view and reply to emails.

SSL Certificate

All webmail users are secured with SSL

Auto Responders

You can configure e-mail auto responders to send response messages automatically for your e-mail accounts.

Import Addresses/Forwarders

import lists of e-mail addresses and forwarders all at once, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Email Security Gateway

  • Spam/Virus Protection and Pre-Filtering
  • Inbound and Outbound Filtering.
  • Email Spooling.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Protection
  • Real-time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense.
  • Email Encryption
  • Per User Setting and Quarantine