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High Performance VPS With SSD


Linux 1GB



  • 1vCore
    1GB RAM
    25GB SSD
    1 Static IP Address
    KVM Virtualization
    1TB Bandwidth
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Linux 2GB Offer



  • 1vCore
    2GB RAM
    50GB SSD
    1 Static IP Address
    KVM Virtualization
    2TB Bandwidth

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Linux 4GB



  • 2vCore
    4GB RAM
    80GB SSD
    1 Static IP Address
    KVM Virtualization
    3TB Bandwidth

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Linux 8GB



  • 4vCore
    8GB RAM
    160GB SSD
    1 Static IP Address
    KVM Virtualization
    4TB Bandwidth

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Unlike shared hosting if you are looking for limited resources of Server Processor, Memory, Storage and OS then VPS is the solution you have to look for, since you can use it for hosting a Web Application, Email server or Ecommerce site for your organization. SMB2HOST VPS Server has various plans to start with minimum processor, storage, memory at attractive price.

High Performance

  • Dedicated Hardware resources, your server’s full computing power is always available
  • Latest Intel Xeon Processors and SSD storage guarantee top performance
  • Fastest data transfer rates on redundant network connections to the backbone with 10Gbits/s bandwidth


  • Your data is stored in accessed protected storage networks and is always available
  • Even if one storage node fails If one hardware component fails, system automatically switches to another
  • Though your servers are beyond perimeter firewall For custom firewall rules you can set up an external firewall against attacks


  • 100% root access for your virtual machine
  • Due to virtualization technology there are no artificial file limitations
  • You can choose between multiple versions of Linux and Windows
  • You can use control panel Cpanel or Plesk Onyx for server as an add on


  • Instant Provisioning
  • Full root access
  • KVM Over IP
  • SSD Storage
  • Maximum Security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99.9% Availability
  • Data Transfer as per plan
  • Easy access to a reliable backup solution as add on