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  • Hosting 1
    Disk Space 1.5GB
    MySql Database 2
    Sub-Domains 3
    Email Accounts 5
    1 End User cPanel

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  • Hosting 3
    Disk Space 5GB
    MySql Database 5
    Sub-Domains 5
    Email Accounts 15
    3 End User cPanel

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  • Hosting 5
    Disk Space 15GB
    MySql Database 8
    Sub-Domains 8
    Email Accounts 25
    Inbound/Outbound Spam Filter
    5 End User cPanel
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If you are a Start-up and want to make your presence felt in World Wide Web then shared hosting is the right choice to host your site with maximum space and minimum email ids to start with. SMB2Host shared hosting is very affordable with a option to choose from Linux and Windows Operating System Web servers and easy to use control panel to manage your website and email accounts.

Shared Hosting – Features Of Top Linux Shared Hosting Providers

  • DDoS Protection
  • Servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our Linux shared web hosting services
  • We provide more than 25+ free applications, like WordPress, Joomla Drupal, etc. for a single-click installation
  • SMB registered domains set up is just a click away
  • For all plans except Starter, we offer 1 GB MySQL Linux database storage space
  • User-friendly and extremely Flexible Control Panel at your fingertips!

Database Administration

  • Database administration with MySql/Mariadb and PostgreSQL, including phpMyAdmin
  • Our Linux shared web hosting services provide MySql Connect offering remote connect


  • Directories that are protected by passwords
  • The ability to deny IP addresses
  • The use of SSL/TLS
  • Restrict access with GnuPG keys
  • Our Linux shared hosting providers offer Mod Security, Hot Link Protection and Leech Protect


  • Set up subdomains, addon domains, redirects to point visitors in the right direction.
  • Identify your site with Simple DNS Zone Editor and Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

Apps Gallery

  • With the use of third-party programs, users of our Linux shared web hosting services can create a unique website that is customized to their specific end-user requirements. Add blogs, eCommerce abilities, and bulletin boards to develop your website.


  • As one of the top Linux shared hosting providers, our clients can manage their website's usage of disk space while backing up and editing files.


  • Effective analytics and performance of the site can be monitored and assessed using AWStats and Webalizer.

Email Management

  • Options for POP3/IMAP accounts for email
  • Full support for configuration of 3rd party mail client
  • Creation of aliases and email forwarding
  • Develop autoresponders for immediate replies
  • Filtering on emails accounts
  • Get rid of Spicer Mechanical with the Spam Assassin tool
  • Verification of email with BoxTrapper
  • The ability to formulate mailing lists for easy email distribution
  • Remote access to email through webmail in the browser
  • Reports for email analytics
  • Options to provide routing and delivery of email
  • Authentication for email
  • MX record setup
  • Create accounts for mass email