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High Memory Cloud Instances

RAM Optimized Cloud Server


CS 16



  • 2 Core
    16 GB RAM
    50 GB SSD
    250 GB Bandwidth
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CS 32



  • 4 Core
    32 GB RAM
    100 GB SSD
    250 GB Bandwidth
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CS 64



  • 8 Core
    64 GB RAM
    200 GB SSD
    250 GB Bandwidth
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Avail the benefits of faster and secure Cloud Hosting Services with SMB Hosting Solutions

In the recent years, the demand for Cloud Web Hosting Services has increased immensely owing to the numerous benefits they bring along with them. SMB Hosting Solutions provides customized cloud hosting services based on your business requirements.

Why hire Cloud Based Solution Providers?

Your Cloud Based Solution Providers will give you many benefits:

  • Convenient work practices: One of the greatest benefits that you will receive from cloud computing is flexibility. Your employees can now access their files even from the comfort of their own home, provided they have a stable network connection. Thanks to cloud computing, they can even go through their files on a holiday and even while they are on their way to work. The data can be accessed quickly by connecting to their virtual office.
  • Upgrades to latest technology: Your service fee will mostly include automatic updates for your system. It will be regularly updated with the latest technology such as upgrades to server, computer processing power and the new versions of the software.
  • Ease in collaboration: Cloud computing ensures the ease in collaboration by letting you give the access to the files to your employees, contractors and third parties. Cloud computing also gives you the option to choose different cloud computing models based on your requirements.
  • Adaptability: Your operation and storage can be scaled up or down according to your requirements. Instead of buying and installing upgrades individually, you can now concentrate on running your business as your cloud-based solution provider takes up these responsibilities.
  • Decrease in IT expenditure: The cost of maintaining and managing your IT systems when you switch to cloud computing. Instead of buying costly equipment’s and systems for your business, you can avail the services of your cloud provider. Switching to cloud computing will reduce your IT costs considerably because your contract will include the expenses of the system upgrades and new hardware as well as software. Moreover, you do not need to pay experts separately for the services that you avail.
Why choose SMB Cloud Hosting Solutions?

SMB Cloud Solutions is one of the most reliable Cloud Computing Service Providersbased at Chennai. We can customize services based on the demands of our clients. By availing our cloud hosting services, you can develop a lot of cloud-based applications quickly. When you avail our cloud hosting services, you can use it for several purposes. Availing our cloud computing services lets you examine large sets of structured as well as unstructured data so that you can develop business values from them. With our cloud computing services, you can test and develop numerous applications to suit your needs. SMB Cloud Hosting has partnered with many renowned companies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for cloud and office 365 and Gmail for Business mail solutions. Over the years, we have gained many reliable clients which include startups as well as established companies. So, if you want to avail cloud computing services within your budget, then visit our office today. Talk to our professionals and get our services customized to your needs.


Fast Deployment

Cloud Server will be deployed within in no time when all details are given at the time of purchase

SSL Certificate

Your cloud server comes by default with an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate ensures a safe exchange of information over the Internet. Any information exchanged between your website and a visitor will be protected against unauthorized access. A website that uses an SSL can be identified by the URL beginning with "https://".

SAN Storage

The fastest and latest storage technology included by default. All cloud servers are stored in SAN storage to guarantee the best possible security


Before data reaches your server, all traffic is filtered through our central firewall within the networks of our data centers. For example, DDoS attacks are quickly intercepted within the network meaning individual servers do not have to deal with any threats.

Easy upgrade

Increase your server resources without any downtime

Back up

Easy access to a reliable backup solution to ensure the security of your data